Hi there, i am Marc van den Dobbelsteen living in the Netherlands. Currently i am a frontend architect at one of the biggest banks out here. I am a FE professional since 2004 and have been embracing the web since 1994.

A little history

The domain frontendarchitecture.org was claimed by me in 2008 but never found the time to make it useful. Before i did some ramblings on my previous blog crossroads and had an article on AlistApart, Switchy mcLayout, but that was years ago.

Goal of this blog

Because currently there is a lot going on in our lovely dynamic FE world, i think it is time to catch up with you and share some of the knowledge and insights that i gathered in the past years. This blog will be about everything that has to do with frontend engineering and architecture. It will be a place to share, but also to tickle and discuss about the field of frontend architecture.

So please join the discussion and share!