The new flat design that apple has introduced with the release of IOS7 recently has originated a lot of discussion and criticism. Moving from a skeuomorphic to a flatter design, apple has dramatically changed the UI presentation of its OS.
A lot of plausible reasons and theories have been, and will be published. Varying from Windows Metro copy cat to more philosophical ones.
I think there is actually a more well thought roadmap behind this change.

For a few years now rumors appear about apple manufacturing a smart television. Also apple has some nice television based patents, like this one for a 3D transparent display.

The flat UI design apple is using is based on a monochromatic color scheme and icons and UI elements are line based. This kind of UI is very scalable (size) and typically optimized for 3D and transparent screens. Also the clean flat design without all the skeuomorphic clutter works very well on large screens.

So i think this move will eventually introduce apple’s plan to take on the living room by introducing a beautifully styled glass panel, enriched with a transparent 3D capable OLED layer. This new device will blend easily into its surrounding. It will actually be more than a television on steroids. It will be the controlroom for all our current and future digital activities. It can be controlled by touch, speech and gestures. It will talk to you and give you visual feedback trough a (goggle less) stereoscopic 3D GUI.

The technology is there, the GUI is there and it’s getting time for apple to introduce some new disruptive technology.

Perhaps they can call it the iCentre…

So let’s wait and see!

Here some of the concept impressions i made: